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Box Gutter San Antonio

Best Box Gutter Services

Have you noticed how some businesses or homes have beautiful roofs and it seems like the gutters are a perfect fit? These buildings have box gutters which blend in with the roof, add beauty, and protect the structure.

What is a Box Gutter?

Sometimes called trough gutters, box guttering is square or rectangular in shape. It can be installed underneath eaves or between roofs and parallel surfaces. Installation allows for rainwater to drain directly into the gutters. Box gutters work well on large roofs and can be intricate in nature depending on the type of roof.

Why Box Gutters?

Box gutters installed by Express Roofing San Antonio come with many benefits. For example, they are very durable and last for a long time. Their design protects them from all kinds of damage which sometimes happens to standard gutters. Yet, this is only one of many benefits

Express Roofing San Antoniooffers box gutter installation, repair and box gutter replacement throughout San Antonio, TX, and its environs.  We have highly skilled and trained technicians that have years of experience with this unique form of gutter system. Our stance is to adhere to best practices developed over time, in order to provide a quality product that lasts decades into the future with the proper maintenance. Whether you are looking to upgrade, replace or repair – Express Roofing San Antonio has you covered.

Express Roofing San Antonio Box Gutter


Built-in gutters, also referred to as “box gutters” are considered a concealed roof drainage system. Since they are not readily visible, they typically become neglected and this leads to leaks into the home. The simplest form of maintenance is keeping them clear of debris and to ensure the painted surface, if they are galvanized steel, is kept up to date. Proper maintenance is necessary for any gutter system to perform its duty, but with built-ins, trapped, standing water can lead to a shorter life and very costly repairs.

Another issue is the soldered joints, where sections of the gutter meet and forms a seam. The expansion and contraction of the metal during temperature changes results in failure at the weakest point, the seams. When a leak is finally discovered, the seams are usually just patched with roofing cement for a temporary fix. Another common temporary fix is to line box gutters with a flat roof membrane called EPDM. We never suggest this as a permanent method of box gutter repair.

Restoration of your home’s box gutters should always be done by a skilled craftsman with prior experience. That is why Express Roofing San Antonio saw the gap and took the challenge to provide the best box gutter replacement and repair within San Antonio and its environmens. Typically, a leaking box gutter will require replacing some or all of the wood framing that supports it. Once the support frame is solid, then the sheet metal, copper, or galvanized steel lining is able to be installed with rivets and solder. Upon completion of the work, it is always suggested to stand by a strict box gutter maintenance schedule that will ensure the maximum life is gained from your new investment.

Box Gutter Repair

Repairing your existing box gutters can save you a lot of time and a great deal of money over the expense of replacing your gutters. Box gutters most commonly exist on older and historical homes within San Antonio and may have problems that you can repair rather than replace the gutter system completely. Most box gutters consist largely of wooden materials and have a metal lining in the bottom. The box gutter system is not an add-on attachment to the house, but is actually a part of the roofing system itself.

Since most box gutters are wooden channels lined with metal, most of the repairs involve the metal lining. The metal lining of the gutters requires seams to connect the separate gutter runs in several locations on the gutter system. These seams are susceptible to opening up or disconnecting which can cause the gutter to leak and can lead to wood rot or corrosion. Call Express Roofing San Antonio today for box gutter repair services within San Antonio.

Why Choose Express Roofing San Antonio?

Our box gutters are custom-made. You can choose the design and color you want. Your new gutters will handle large volumes of water, and they have no seams to worry about. Call Express Roofing San Antonio for a free estimate and the best installation, repair and maintenance services within San Antonio. We are here to help you protect and enhance your commercial building.

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