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Emergency Services San Antonio

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While no one ever wants to experience a roofing emergency, oftentimes they are unavoidable. To prevent further damage to the inside of your home, it’s important to quickly get professional repairs in the event of a roofing emergency.

Express Roofing San Antonio expert roofers are ready to go at a moment’s notice to quickly and effectively repair all your roof leaks and damage, fully equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to restore your home. Express Roofing San Antonio is one of Greater San Antonio leading roofing companies and our roofing crews are familiar with all types of roofing materials and are able to solve any problem you may have.

Express Roofing San Antoniois the leader in emergency roofing repair in the San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas.  Our technicians are experiences, professional, and available around the clock to tend to your roofing emergency. 

Our operator is standing by to take your call and get someone out to your home or business.  You will not find a more reliable company when it comes to quick response times and emergency roof repair. Do not hesitate to call us at any time.  We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and look forward to handling your emergent situation.  You can trust us at Express Roofing San Antonio.

Types of damages that may require emergency services

Fallen tree damage

Our client had a tree limb fall on the shed of his roof and puncture the shingles and decking. He needed this roof damage fixed as soon as possible as water was getting into the shed. We bid to strip off the bad shingles, felt, and ruined decking. We would then replace them all with new material.

Storms damage

One of the scariest things people can go through is severe storms.  They can be truly dangerous.  Most of the time, we like to be in the protection of our home.  While this is true, you need to make sure your home is also ready for these severe storms.  Many times after severe storms including: hail damage, high wind gusts, tornadoes, sleet, heavy rains, and other severe weather patters. Your home can be damaged in the storm.  Please make sure your home is in the right hands at Express Roofing San Antonio.  We are your number one emergency services for wind, storm, and fires repairs. Our Siding and Roofing contractors are always on call day or night.

Wind and Hurricane damage

Irrespective of the velocity of the high winds experienced in your area, roof damage is bound to occur. When building a house, it is essential to ask yourself. “If a tornado or hurricane occurred today, would my roof withstand it?” If the answer is no, then you need to seek out professionals for a better roof. A house is no good with a damaged roof no matter the extent of the damage

Hail Damage

It is challenging to determine how much damage to the roof can cause hail. Typically, when hail falls on roofing, it can harm the grain surface by loosening it and making it prone to future damage, such as leaks. It may result in a shorter roof life, but holes in the roof usually do not happen immediately. The damage caused by the hailstorm may also not be visible later, but you will realize that there is damage if the roof needs to be replaced earlier than it should.

It can true that hail causes the roof damage. If you think the hailstorm has destroyed your roof, call an expert and check it out. If it turns out that the roof has damage due to hail, you can apply to your insurance company. It makes sense to contact a roofer who specializes in damage claims caused by hail before contacting the insurance company

Don’t let money be the issue, call us and let us work with your Home Owner’s Insurance or Renter’s Insurance on the price that works with them.  Let us work for you, not against you.  No matter what the size of damage, Express Roofing San Antoniowant to be your local experts on all your emergency service needs.

Emergency Services

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We proudly provide service to San Antonio and surrounding communities in Texas.  Call us for your roofing needs.

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