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Hail Damage San Antonio

Best Hail Damage Services

Hailstorms are some of the most destructive forces of nature. In a matter of minutes, they can wreck cars, destroy crops, and damage structures from homes to shopping malls. When powerful tornadoes accompanied by heavy hail strike San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas, damage can be huge. Hail is especially damaging to roofs, because these are the structures that take the most beating when hailstorms make landfall. The best advice for homeowners confronted with roofing hail damage is to inspect the roofs of their properties as soon as possible after any significant hail fall. San Antonio roof hail damage can be quite extensive and lead to even more problems if not noticed and fixed in time. After the preliminary check, owners should make a San Antonio roof hail damage claim to their insurer. A roof hail damage claim can cover the costs of fixing the hail-damaged roof in San Antonio or the surrounding areas.

San Antonio hail damaged roofs can be repaired quickly and easily, if the owner makes the effort of finding a good hail damage roof expert. Express Roofing San Antoniois recognized as one of the best contractors specialized in San Antonio roof hail damage. Trained workers will assess the damage suffered by your roof and find the best solution for roofing hail damage.

Hail Damage

Depending on the materials used in the construction of your house, hail damage to roofs in San Antonio can vary from cosmetic problems such as dents to serious issues such as cracks and tile shattering. The material considered to be the most resistant to hail damage is metal, but a hail damaged roof made of metal can present dents and removal of the coating, causing corrosion. If you have a hail damaged roof in San Antonio, TX that is made of shingle you might have problems spotting the problems, which can delay the Denver hail damage roof repair. When this happens, infiltrations can occur, which are likely to cause you further trouble.

It’s important to understand that various types of shingles can react differently when hit by hail. Hail damage to asphalt or composition shingles need to be reviewed and inspected dissimilar ways as compared to wood shingles or other types of roofing surfaces, for one example.

Here’s how to review some common different types of building materials and discover possible hail damage to your property:

Hail Damage to Asphalt and Composition Shingles

 If you are looking for hail damage on these types of materials, you should be trying to find random damage with no clear pattern, black or extremely dark dings or dents that are soft and feel similar to bruised fruit, missing granules that may even expose the felt or roof membrane, or asphalt or roof mat that appears to be shiny.

Hail Damage to Wood Shingles.

 If you have wood shingles or wood or cedar shakes, you should also be looking for random damage with no particular rhyme or reason, splits in the shingles that are brown or orange in hue and have sharp colors or edges with little to no deterioration.

There will likely be impact marks, dents, or other damage along the splits like the roof hail damage picture below. Large hailstones can even crack through these types of materials instantly.

Concrete, Clay, Metal, And Other Dense Materials.

These and similar types of roofing materials can also be cracked instantly during a hail storm. Determining if the shingles on your roof have been damaged during a hail storm can be really obvious, but it can also require the trained eye of an experienced inspector and a simple hailstone damage roof inspection.

At Express Roofing San Antonio, our hail damage roof repair experts are qualified and factory trained to repair all kinds of hail damage. They are highly proficient in working on and fixing any part of your home’s exterior that has undergone minor or even major damage. From suggesting appropriate roofing services to repairing damages, we do it all and see the project through to completion. With our expertise and knowledge, our professionals will go all-out to make this repair process as hassle-free for you as possible. Give us a call today and we will address your hail damage repairs or replacement needed.

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