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Tree Damage San Antonio

Best Tree Damage Services

If the roof of your home has been damaged because of tree then you will need to hire roofers who have experience with dealing with tree damage. It is considered as one of the most common type of roofing issues at affect the residential as well as commercial property. When facing this issue you will need to hire who will offer services for the repairs of your roofing system.

Trees is very beneficial for your when you plant it around your home as it helps to keep the air fresh and pure as it also offer shade to your home. But there are instances when the roof gets damaged because of the falling of trees and for this you will need to hire a San Antonio roofing contractor who will help in looking at these issues with their professional experience and expertise. The branches of the trees may also hang dangerously over the roof and you will have the risk of facing roof issues. It might also damage the roofing material and for this you will need to get a protective cover over the roof so that you can prevent any further damage. When the branches of the trees fall on top of the roof then it might also cause serious damage and these are the situations when you will need to hire Express Roofing San Antoniowho will offer repairs of the roof services for providing you with complete peace of mind. The branches of the trees can also rub with the roof wearing its material and there is a risk of branches falling on the roof eventually causing serious damage. Hence you will need to hire roofers who will look into the matter and help you to repair the damages caused by roof.

Leaky Roof

Here are ways that tree can damage your roof

Overhanging Branches

Roof repair in San Antonio often stems from low overhanging branches.  They can break due to harsh winds, heavy snow, or rotten wood.  Regardless, when a limb falls and impacts with your roof, the damage will be done.  Although the damage may not seem too severe at first, it can grow into a much more costly repair later down the road.  Express Roofing San Antonioroofing contractor will be the first to warn you of the dangers of low overhanging branches, and can even help you remove them.

Leaves & Needles

It is incredibly essential to clean leaves, pine needles, and any other debris from your roof regularly.  If wet leaves attach to your roof, your roof may succumb to mold, potential leaks, or even rotting.  Don’t let your new roof in San Antonio  become damaged or stained so quickly, and make sure you are removing any leaves or pine needles from your roof on a consistent basis.  Emergency roof repair in San Antonio is often needed not because of one substantial damage, but a small injury that slowly became much more dramatic and severe.


Cleaning your gutters is incredibly important, and an essential piece of proper roof maintenance.  Cleaning your gutters can be slow, boring, and monotonous, but is in reality, essential when avoiding leaks, stains, and other damages.  When gutters are clogged, run-off water can spill out onto your siding or roof, causing leakage that can spread into your home.  This run-off water can even erode the soil around your foundation if the blockage is not removed and your gutters are not cleaned routinely.  In the winter, clogged gutters can suffer from severe ice damage as well.  Take action today, and clean your gutters!

Falling Trees

The most dangerous threat surrounding trees can have to your roof is their collapse.  Fallen trees can cause severe damage to your roof, and even require getting a new roof in San Antonio in some instances.  Even smaller trees can produce a significant amount of damage to a vulnerable roof.  Checking the surrounding trees around your house annually is a healthy way to routinely regulate and monitor the health and stability of these trees.  Removing the older, weaker, trees might be inevitable in some instances to avoid potential roof damage.  Falling tree damage can be costly, dangerous, but not unavoidable.  If you monitor your trees regularly, you might be able to remove one before it collapses.  Call Express Roofing San Antonio, and get your trees  and tree damage checked today!

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