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Wind Damage San Antonio

Best Wind Damage Services

Your home is constantly under the mercy of the environment. Whether it is just a strong wind or a huge storm passing by, your property is always at risk of being damaged. And this is especially true with your home’s roofing system. Since it is the first line of defense, your the roofing system takes the majority of the beating coming from various factors outside. However, it is not just a storm and winds that cause the damage to your roofing system, especially here in San Antonio, TX.

High winds in San Antonio damage houses and commercial buildings, especially when speeds exceed 50-60 miles per hour. Depending on the severity of the winds, trees can be uprooted or large branches can fall. High-speed winds in San Antonio can result in devastating damage to your home’s siding, fences or roof. Express Roofing San Antonioprovides total restoration of wind-damaged properties in San Antonio.

Here are some steps to address wind roof damage.

  1. Document the Damage

Extensive photographic or video evidence of wind or other storm damage will be necessary if you plan to file an insurance claim for a damaged roof. It may also be necessary to demonstrate a history of regular inspections and maintenance to avoid liability on the basis of negligence.

  1. Cover Any Breaches

Any damaged roofing materials or missing shingles  as a result of wind storm may result in leaks that affect the attic, insulation and ceilings of a structure. As soon as signs of roof damage become apparent, you should make arrangements for mitigation. Express Roofing San Antonio can tarp over the damaged portions of the roof to protect against wind damage and leaks.

  1. Arrange for Repair

Mitigation is only a temporary protective measure until repairs are possible. You should schedule roof repair as soon as possible to reduce the risk of further exterior and interior damage.

  1. Restore Interior Damage

Water that leaks through a roof can damage building materials and the contents in a structure. This water is generally considered contaminated Category Two gray water. Cleanup should involve disinfection, tearing out saturated porous materials and thoroughly drying the affected area prior to reinstalling materials such as drywall or insulation.Express Roofing San Antonio

Wind Damage

People working in a garden during autumn

It is not just the weather that causes roofing damage to your property. One of the reasons for damaged roofing is the improper or poor installation of the roofing materials. You have to take note that not all roofing companies are created equal, nor their commitment. There are some companies that are only inspired or motivated to work for money alone, without any qualms for excellence and even sometimes safety and industry standard.

For that matter, the results of their roofing services are often faulty and dangerous. This is an unfair way of serving clients who paid what they think was the proper compensation for the work they have received. For that matter, it is always essential for you to scrutinize the roofing company you will be dealing with, in order to avoid poor roofing services that are often priced high.Express Roofing San Antonio is the leading roof repair company in San Antonio and its environments.

Those are some of the factors that cause damages to your roofing system, whether at home or at your place of business. It is essential to always keep in mind that regardless of the reason behind the roofing issue, a proper roofing contractor such as Express Roofing San Antonio will surely make a huge difference.

With many years’ experience in storm damage restoration in San Antonio, Express Roofing San Antoniohas been providing reliable San Antonio storm damage repair from wind that you can trust. Our fast response time to a storm disaster in San Antonio helps minimize any further potential damage to your property or contents and helps keep the storm damage repair costs down. Our San Antonio restoration team at Express Roofing San Antonio will assess the San Antonio storm damage and will plan our solution for restoring your San Antonio property to its pre-damaged condition. We will properly secure your San Antonio property in a timely manner and ensure insurance claims are processed smoothly. Express Roofing San Antoniohas been providing exemplary restoration for San Antonio storm damage for many years.

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